Featured Talent

This page highlights some of the incredible people we are blessed to represent

Here are just some of the other lovely humans we are lucky to represent

Meet Mako "Makia" Ibrahim

She joined us in Spring of 2019 and her journey is an incredible one. She hopes to inspire others through her story and we are proud to have helped her start her journey in film/tv.

Makia joined us via a collaboration with Covenant House in Vancouver, our principal agent Brandi represents these youth for principal and commercial opportunities, while offering free coaching and takes 0% commission from the youth that come to us from Covenant House. We encourage our actors to give back with volunteer opportunities in the community. We believe its our responsibility to maintain a healthy mental wellness in an industry with many pressures and believe volunteering to help others is a great way to do this.

Meet Mark

Former firefighter, who at 31 had a stroke and lost the use of 3 of his limbs, he is now an advocate for others with disabilities and an actor with Ignite. Recently his wheelchair broke down and he has been housebound, if you have $5 to spare, consider donating to his Go-Fund-Me so we can help him get back on set.