Yulia Bromley

Executive Assistant

Yulia is a dynamic and versatile executive assistant who brings a wealth of international experience to her role. With a passion for travel and a love of adventure, Yulia has visited an impressive 48 countries and is a true citizen of the world. After years of exploring different cultures and ways of life, she has settled in Vancouver, where she is a valuable member of our talent agency team.

As an executive assistant, Yulia is an essential part of our operations, working tirelessly to ensure that our agents and talent have everything they need to succeed. She manages complex schedules with ease, keeping our clients on track and on time for their appointments and events. Yulia also helps to update resumes, communicate with background talent, and handle a variety of administrative tasks to keep our agency running smoothly.

But Yulia’s contributions to our team go far beyond her technical skills. Her infectious enthusiasm, positive attitude, and boundless energy make her a joy to work with, and her commitment to excellence is evident in everything she does. Whether she’s helping to coordinate a photo shoot or simply answering the phone, Yulia is always dedicated, reliable, and ready to go above and beyond for our clients.

In short, Yulia is an exceptional executive assistant and an invaluable member of our team. Her passion for the industry make her an asset to our agency, and we feel lucky to have her on board.