Our Team

Brandi England

General Manager & Principal Agent

Growing up in Vancouver, Brandi was surrounded by the film industry, with many of her friends developing successful careers as actors, producers, writers and every position in between. For Brandi, film has always been a passion and influenced many of the entrepreneurial endeavors she would launch in her early career(…)

Jessie Tippett

Agent: Kids/Teens Principal Talent

Jessie came to us from London, England. She has over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, both in casting, performing and agent-ing (wait, is that a word?). Either way, we are so excited to have her. Jessie first started her path in this industry on UK National Television on This Morning’s Search For A Star as a young teen and was scooped up a few years later by Royal Caribbean to perform as a featured singer in their main stage shows…

Bryson Bourchier

Agent: Aspiring Principal Talent

Spending almost 10 years overseas, but Vancouver being his hometown, Bryson joins Ignite Artists with prior experience at a Toronto Talent Agency & in Background Casting here in Vancouver. He has on-set experience both in front of and behind the camera. With a passion for the art of dance, and over 12 years of his life spent dancing, Bryson has always been involved in the arts and enjoyed the process of creating and sharing his work with the world…

Lisiane Biset

Social Influencer Lead & Commercial Assist

Lisiane Biset was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Her first contact with the stage was as a dancer, where she fell in love with performing, which led her to acting. In 2008 she moved to New Zealand to explore the world and to start her international career. In addition to New Zealand, she has lived and studied cinema in several countries, including Australia, Czech Republic, France and Canada, exposing her to a wide variety of cultures and allowing her to share her experiences and to connect with people through social media…

Rae Virtue

Junior Agent & Lead Indigenous for our Talent

Rae was born and raised in Ajax, Ontario and moved to the west coast in 2021 to pursue new adventures (lucky for us, we are one of those new adventures!). She is passionate about animals, music & helping people achieve their dreams especially when it comes to creative arts. Her love of the arts started when she was quite young, and was furthered by her attendance at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts. Later she attended the Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario for music performance and has been playing violin and singing for over 20 years…

Ritesh La Maisuria

Events & Recruiter

Ritesh was born and raised in Vancouver with roots tying back to India and Fiji. Growing up he’d always had a passion for theatre as he would join many skits and theatre productions that took place in both English, Gujarati and Hindi throughout the lower mainland. However, his passion for travel swayed him to spend much of his youth travelling and then becoming a Travel Agent for close to a decade…

Ana Fleming

Our Lead Bookkeeper & Organizational Goddess

Ana came to Canada from Brazil and has made this her home with her husband and beautiful daughter. She has a Degree in Communications and Marketing, and is a wiz at organizing everything!! She oversees our main accountant Johnathan who sits huddled in his office punching the numbers to make us all look good! Thanks, Ana and Johnathan!

William Navarro​

Graphic Designer & Tech Guru​

William also joins us from Brazil, he is brilliant with graphic design and often helps us figure out the glitches!